Huddle Room

Virtual Huddle Room


  • A small meeting room for a team of 2-6 people, typically equipped with audio/video to allow presentation and videoconference on a wall-mounted display
  • Any space where 2-6 people can meet, inside or outside the office (a desk, a small table, etc.)

Typical equipment

  • A dedicated room or space in the company

  • Display

  • Webcam
  • Wireless presenter

  • Speakerphone

  • Computer

  • Codec

  • Participants usually bring laptops or tablets

  • Huddle Hub One

  • The participants’ laptops or tablets

  • Optionally a speakerphone


  • Meetings must be scheduled

  • The meeting room must be reserved

  • You have to physically move to the meeting room

  • Meetings are typically more formal and structured

  • A lot of time is wasted on organizing and setting up

  • No scheduling or reservation

  • No need to move, meet wherever you are

  • Meeting are informal and impromptu

  • No time is wasted

Comfort and effectiveness

  • Camera and display are usually sideways, forcing participants to a very unnatural posture

  • You must sit where you can be framed by the camera

  • Half of the meeting table is often not usable, because of the webcam position
  • Some content on the TV screen (e.g. an Excel file) is hard to see

  • You cannot clearly see the remote participants

  • Remote participants cannot clearly see you

  • Sit wherever you want

  • View presentations directly on your screen

  • Use your own tablet/laptop, with access to your files and the internet

  • Have a real eye-to-eye contact

  • Enjoy a natural experience

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