The most flexible
and smart tool for
The most flexible and smart tool for collaboration
Huddle Hub goes beyond the support for traditional wireless presentations on meeting rooms large diplays: the participants can in fact send and receive presentations directly with their own devices. Any space within the company can now be used as a virtual collaboration space: huddle and metting rooms, offices, auditoriums and even lounges.
Up to 4 sessions with a single unit

Thanks to its unique architecture, Huddle Hub is the only multi-room wireless presentation system, offering 4 concurrent and independent sessions. The "4-in-1" feature makes Huddle Hub the most flexible and cost-effective solution on the market
All personal devices can present and receive

Through Huddle Hub any laptop, tablet or mobile can send or receive a presentation. This improves collaboration when sitting or standing away from the room display and makes it possible when there is no display at all. Any space becomes a "virtual huddle room".
Enable any display to receive the presentation

Every TV in the company can be enabled to receive a presentation. The free software client can be installed on any meeting room computer, Android TV or standard HDMI TV equipped with an Android dongle. No more need for a wireless presentation system in every room.
Turn your webcam into a wireless camera

Connect the meeting room USB camera to Huddle Hub and enable any participant to wirelessly receive its AV streams for a videoconference session. Huddle Hub supports most UC software and video conferencing platforms

Best Wireless product of InfoComm 2018

HRT is very proud to announce that Huddle Hub One has been chosen as this year’s “Best Wireless Product”
at the InfoComm show in Las Vegas.

Click here to watch the video presentation