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  • What is Huddle Hub One?

    Huddle Hub One is a tool that gives you access to a new and unprecedented collaboration mode.
    By using Huddle Hub, you can wirelessly make your presentations and share your documents from the screen of your PC (desktop or laptop) directly to the screen of other devices (desktop PCs and laptops, tablets or smartphones), with no need for a specifically equipped place. Additionally, the camera streams of your devices can be collectively combined into a single feed to be used during videoconferences.

  • What is a Virtual Huddle Room?

    Being mostly based on presentation and video conference, modern teamwork has been usually confined inside traditional, AV-equipped spaces, like meeting rooms and huddle rooms. With Huddle Hub One, you are free to make presentations or group videoconferences with no other video equipment than your devices, no matter where you are in the company, in your office, around a desk, in the most natural way. We call this experience Virtual Huddle Room.

  • Which devices can I connect? How many?

    Huddle Hub One supports up to 6 wireless devices, including Windows/Mac computers and iOS/Android tablets and smartphones. With Huddle Hub One+ only, when an optional USB webcam is connected and the Multicam feature is in use, the webcam video source is an additional stream, bringing the total sources to a maximum of 7.

  • What is the difference between Huddle Hub One and Huddle Hub One+?

    Both offer the same core features and mode of operation. In addition, Huddle Hub One+ offers:

    • A wireless module onboard, to allow direct connection from the devices, as a Wi-Fi access point
    • HDMI OUT and Webcam USB IN ports, to connect a TV and a webcam in an AV-equipped space

    We recommend Huddle Hub One for Virtual Huddle Rooms, and Huddle Hub One+ for video-equipped Huddle Rooms (and optionally Virtual Huddle Rooms too).

  • Which laptops, tablets and smartphones can I use?

    • Laptop or desktop PCs running Windows 7 or higher (with Intel Core i5 or faster CPU)
    • Laptop or desktop MACs running MacOS 10.11 or higher (with Intel Core i5 or faster CPU)
    • iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone running iOS 10 or higher
    • Tablets and smartphones running Android 5 or higher
  • How does Huddle Hub One guarantee my privacy?

    The privacy of your session is protected by a Passcode, a 4 digits random number generated every time a new session starts.

    All streamed content is AES-128 encrypted for maximum security.

    When using Huddle Hub One+ as an access point, a personal area network is created utilizing WPA2 PSK technology to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of wireless traffic.

  • Which are the overall requirements to install/use HHO?

    To use Huddle Hub One you only need a connection to the company network. Huddle Hub One is typically located in a server room, and can be accessed through your LAN and Wi-Fi. 

    With Huddle Hub One+ you also have the possibility to use it as an access point and have device connect directly.

    All client devices (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android) need to install an App can be downloaded for free from the download page or the app stores.

  • What is a “Device-to- Device presentation”?

    Device-to- Device presentation consists of capturing the screen of the one participant (the Presenter) and sending it directly to all the other participants’ devices in the session (the Viewers). With this feature, the presenter screen is mirrored in real time with the rest of the team.

    The role of the Presenter can be switched between all participants, one at a time. In that moment, all the other participants become Viewers, and their devices automatically show the Presenter’s screen.

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